Spring,fragrance and new intentions


Spring has sprung and nature is treating us to beautiful vivid colours and fragrances, which we have all longed to see and smell after  Winter. Spring demonstrates a freshness which no other time of the year offers ,the frost now begins to leave the earth and the sun gets higher which encourages all the Spring blossoms and bulbs to show its beauty. The balsam scent of the trees is fresh in the air and new sweet grass begins sprout the wonderful essence of blossom is in abundance, clearly to be seen is the remnants of the fallen leaves of the previous season. What better time to plant your positive intentions with both the remnants of the old and new vigor of Spring clearly in sight.
Positive Intent.
There are many ways to make positive intentions, you can make your own dream boards by putting images on a board of what they would like in your future(i.e if you want more money put an image of money on your board or if you would like a new house put an image on your board of where you would like to live). Another way of making positive intention is to imagine what you would like in your future and picture yourself living the experience . I personally like to write a list of aspirations for the year and note down the positive effects these aspirations will have on me and the people around me. Anyway there are many ways to make positive intentions and there is plenty of information on the web on how to do so. When making positive intention it is useful to keep it fun , develop a clear picture of what you want and think what action you can take to make your goals a reality.

Japan incenseIncense
At this time of year I take the time to visualizes what goals I would like to see grow and explore with my imagination what action would help me.
I infuse my goals with fragrance by burning incense as it is a great way of communicating with my unconscious and developing future plans for my memory. Our sense of smell is strongly linked with our memories, so what better ways is there to use our sense of smell to grow new positive intentions for our memories to store. I can also burn the incense every time I want to revisit my goals and give them more detail or help me to stay focused.

My Favorite incense to use is Baieido’s Kokonoe, which is a Japanese incense. Kokone  is inspired by the  Imperial Palace in the Spring time. When burnt it unleashes a bouquet of Spring aromas and reminds me of Cherry blossoms ,daffodils, violets, hyacinths and the sweet-smelling balsam of the trees. In short this incense is Spring in a stick,which is uplifting and energizing .The fragrance has a definite  floral and sweet woody quality to it . What better incense to use to grow and focus on your positive intentions?



Incense Poem

photo credit: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/natelawson/5520756153/">nate_lawson</a> via <a href="http://photopin.com">photopin</a> <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/">cc</a>

The sweet fragrance of incense

touches my senses like gentle spring rain upon my skin

each note of scent offered triggers a child like delight

delight passes through to images and feelings of times

past which fade into the aether

and I am offered peace

the smoke twist and curls up to the heavens

and for a moment I am content




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photo credit: <a href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/natelawson/5520756153/”>nate_lawson</a&gt; via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/”>cc</a&gt;


Japanese Reiki, Rehab and Japanese Incense


Japanese Reiki, Rehab and Japanese Incense

Japanese Reiki, Rehab and Japanese Incense

Japanese Reiki
Reiki found me in 2007 just when i needed it in my life. I discovered Original Japanese Reiki courses being taught close to where i lived, run by one of the Reiki Evolutions experienced teachers.
Previously i had experienced a Chi-Kung projection healing by a TCM Acupuncturist, this had a beneficial profound effect on me and lead me to research and explore more into energy/palm healing techniques, Reiki being the one that resonated with me the most.
I completed my level 3 Shinpiden course in 2008. This was only the beginning, now i had the training tools/techniques i had learnt that the system of Reiki is an ongoing journey of practising the five elements which make up the system of Japanese Reiki. (The precepts, Meditations & Techniques, Hands on Healing [Tenohira], Symbols & Kotodama [sacred sounds/spirit sounds], Reiju empowerments.) The goal to be self realization-your true self.
Reiki has changed my life, i’m positive, calmer, grounded and life doesn’t seem to faze me like before.
I couldn’t wait to treat others too. Family, friends and pets. I soon volunteered at a charity project to offer the amazing benefits of Reiki and also to gain in experience.

For the last few years i have worked carrying out Reiki treatments in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre close to where i live. I normally treat five clients for half an hour each including an initial consultation and time afterwards for feedback.
Clients and myself have found the Reiki experience to be a very beneficial part of their treatment process including easing the discomfort of detoxification & aiding the process. Freeing aches & pains, stress & anxiety reduction to deep relaxation. A lot of clients become so relaxed that they fall asleep on the treatment couch.
I always start from setting the same initial intentions -that it is for their highest good and may they receive what they need. I work from intention and intuition and use a kind of simple freestyle practice utilizing Reiji ho (letting my hands be guided), scanning, Kotodama if a intuitively feel the need to.
Water is always recommended to drink for several days after a treatment to aid the detoxification process.

Japanese Incense
My chosen Japanese Incense for burning whilst treating is Baieido’s Syukohkoku. Syu (Shu) means gather, Koh means incense, Koku means country. The two English translations literally mean “ Gathering of Incense Nations “or “Gathering of Fragrant Countries”.
I find this Incense helps promote deep relaxation and induces a meditative state. Its a ideal accompaniment for Reiki treatments and all the clients seem to love it too.
I’ve observed that the aroma sometimes leans towards the sandalwood component, at other times aloeswood is the dominant role. This is a complex & mysterious fragrance where various notes come in at different times.
The ingredients are Aloeswood, Sandalwood, Cassia and Clove.