Incense Poem

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The sweet fragrance of incense

touches my senses like gentle spring rain upon my skin

each note of scent offered triggers a child like delight

delight passes through to images and feelings of times

past which fade into the aether

and I am offered peace

the smoke twist and curls up to the heavens

and for a moment I am content




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photo credit: <a href=””>nate_lawson</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;



Incense,Plum Blossom and Connection



I breathe the cool incense smoke from the metal brazier,

While thinking about a poem from my dear friend Lu Wa.

My sandalwood-hearted companion spits out plum blossoms of smoke, 

Looking like the cloudy fog of the other world.

Perhaps it’s the soul of my friend the old mountain man

In the smoke’s dense patterns? 

– Kan Po, in memoriam (undated)