Spring,fragrance and new intentions


Spring has sprung and nature is treating us to beautiful vivid colours and fragrances, which we have all longed to see and smell after  Winter. Spring demonstrates a freshness which no other time of the year offers ,the frost now begins to leave the earth and the sun gets higher which encourages all the Spring blossoms and bulbs to show its beauty. The balsam scent of the trees is fresh in the air and new sweet grass begins sprout the wonderful essence of blossom is in abundance, clearly to be seen is the remnants of the fallen leaves of the previous season. What better time to plant your positive intentions with both the remnants of the old and new vigor of Spring clearly in sight.
Positive Intent.
There are many ways to make positive intentions, you can make your own dream boards by putting images on a board of what they would like in your future(i.e if you want more money put an image of money on your board or if you would like a new house put an image on your board of where you would like to live). Another way of making positive intention is to imagine what you would like in your future and picture yourself living the experience . I personally like to write a list of aspirations for the year and note down the positive effects these aspirations will have on me and the people around me. Anyway there are many ways to make positive intentions and there is plenty of information on the web on how to do so. When making positive intention it is useful to keep it fun , develop a clear picture of what you want and think what action you can take to make your goals a reality.

Japan incenseIncense
At this time of year I take the time to visualizes what goals I would like to see grow and explore with my imagination what action would help me.
I infuse my goals with fragrance by burning incense as it is a great way of communicating with my unconscious and developing future plans for my memory. Our sense of smell is strongly linked with our memories, so what better ways is there to use our sense of smell to grow new positive intentions for our memories to store. I can also burn the incense every time I want to revisit my goals and give them more detail or help me to stay focused.

My Favorite incense to use is Baieido’s Kokonoe, which is a Japanese incense. Kokone  is inspired by the  Imperial Palace in the Spring time. When burnt it unleashes a bouquet of Spring aromas and reminds me of Cherry blossoms ,daffodils, violets, hyacinths and the sweet-smelling balsam of the trees. In short this incense is Spring in a stick,which is uplifting and energizing .The fragrance has a definite  floral and sweet woody quality to it . What better incense to use to grow and focus on your positive intentions?



The six grades of Jinko (Aloeswood, Agarwood).

The Six grades of Jinko (Aloeswood, Agarwood)

In Japan Aloeswood is the most prized fragrant wood incense of all. The amazing quality of its incense is only just being discovered in the West.

In Japan, valuable kimonos were scented with smoke from burning Aloeswood. This is the traditional wood for the incense ceremony of Kodo, and in Japan it is purchased in six different qualities. The best wood, Kyara, is differentiated by colour and quality.

Aloeswood, along with santal and clove, is sacred to the Buddhist religion. The living and dead tree is attacked by a fungus, and over time, preferably centuries, nature provides an incense material worth more than its weight in gold.

Aloeswood is a psychoactive substance, and is used in oriental medicines for nervous disorders, colic and as a heart tonic.

The six grades of Jinko are as follows:-

Kyara (The Aristocrat)                                                                                     the-lady-maisumi-of-daimonji-ya-md
Connoisseurs regard this as top-grade material. It is divided according to quality, based on colour (green, black, purple and dark brown-grey).

Rakoku (The Samurai)the-actor-band-mitsugor-ii-md

Reminiscent of the warrior, the aroma of Rakoku is considered relatively pungent and bitter. This type originally hailed from Thailand.

Sasora (The Monk)

Of priestly demeanor, the aroma is considered delicate, cool and sour. Sasora may have originated from the western shores of India, around Goa.


Sumotara (The Servant disguised as a noble)


The aroma has the makings of Kyara, but with the lack of subtlety in-depth. It is an impersonator, hence the name. Described as a sour smell, Sumotara has a somewhat distasteful demeanor. Sumotara originally came from the island of Sumatra in the east Indian archipelago.

Manaka (The fickle one of changing moods)


Delicate and ever-changing, the tastes of sweet, sour bitter, hot and salty are not easily detectable, and if they are it is a fleeting impression. Manaka hailed from the strait of Malacca between Indonesia and Malaya.


Manaban ( The coarse peasant)

Sweet. unrefined and coarse, with a grittiness that distinguishes it from high quality material. Manaban came from the Malabar coast of southern India.


syukohkoku                 white cloud



Mike & Nikki

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Kodo-Listening to the incense


Kōdō ( “Way of Incense”) is the Japanese art of appreciating incense, and involves using incense within a structure of ritual. Kōdō is much  like the tea ceremony, is valued as high art — to activities such the incense-comparing games kumikō and shirakawa-koh . Kōdō is counted as one of the three classical Japanese arts of refinement (kadō, or ikebana for flower arrangement, kōdō for incense, and chadō for tea and the tea ceremony), but it is relatively unknown among modern Japanese people.

In this video is the famous Yamada Matsu Incense boutique in Kyoto. Please visit their official website at http://www.yamadamatsu.co.jp/en/index.html

Video courtesy by ShiniseMallChannel.


Ten Virtues of Koh (Incense)


                        Ten Virtues of Koh (Incense)

                        It brings communication with the transcendent.

                        It refreshes mind and body.

                        It removes impurity.

                        It brings alertness.

                        It is a companion in solitude.

                        In the midst of busy affairs, it brings a moment of peace.

                        When it is plentiful, one never tires of it.

                        When there is little, still one is satisfied.

                        Age does not change its efficacy.

                        Used everyday, it does no harm.

                                                          -A poem from the sixteenth century-

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Mindful Moments with Japanese Incense


Time to listen , slow down and have five minutes to myself

I truly love Japanese incense for many reason and one of those reasons happens to be it allows me to develop my own little practice of mindfulness. I am truly one of those people who thinks being more mindful will benefit me but I never get round to the practice of it. At times I would sometimes moan to myself about my lack of effort to mindfulness so what I did was developed my own 10 min mindful practice with Japanese Incense. This mindful practice is easy for me to stick to as I love the nature Japanese incense as it invites you to notice it through it intricate layers of scent. Unlike Indian incense, Japanese Incense has little or no smoke and tends to be more refined than Indian incense. Japan has a long established relationship with incense and is considered to be one of its sacred art forms.

The Ritual                                                                                                          

My Rituals is very simple. I always tidy the focal point where I’m going to burn the incense for me this is usually the fire place but it can be where ever you have space  . I light a candle and then light the incense with the candle flame. I let the incense burn with a flame for a few seconds and then gently wave in the air to extinguish the flame so that the incense is now glowing as an ember rather than as a flame. I then find myself a comfortable spot to sit,  relax down and begin.


I light the incense and wisps of delicate fragrance fill the room teasing my senses by offering pockets of fragrance for me to find .Drifting by this beautiful incense gradually unfolds, from moment to moment I can smell the different elements in this complex incense. As each aroma travels past me I have your own desire for wanting the scent stay but it drifts by and another element of scent is released. I relax, enjoy, unwind as the incense continues to unfold it’s essences, for these beautiful 10mins I have been able to have time away from all other demands.

For the love of incense of Japanese Incense

I’ve always found that the choice of incense is important. Certain kinds of incense can produce a very calming effect or build positive associations with that particular incense, this has helped  me to relax and quieten my mind and develop my own mini  retreat-like atmosphere at home.


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Japanese Incense & Reiki treatments> all hands report for duty.

.ImageAll hands report for duty.

I arrived  early to prepare the treatment room within the rehabilitation facility. I chose  Shoyeido’s Hoyei-Koi (Eternal treasure) to set a lovely calm and serene atmosphere. This incense is based on a recipe well over 100 years old. I felt this incense to be so delicate and personal, it was a real time of enjoyment for me and clients when the scents of sandalwood,cinnamon,clove and other selected spices filled the air and fused together.

The first client to enter into the room immediately commented on the aroma saying how lovely it was, then asking what incense it was.

The delicate fusion of scent’s really helped to relax some of the more agitated clients along with the Reiki energy of course.I found this incense to be a great accompaniment to the overall treatment’s carried out and i highly recommend trying it for yourselves.

Please feel free to check out this beautiful incense at http://www.divine-incense.com/shoyeido-hoyei-koi-eternal-treasure/