Follow your nose and win




Entre our competition and win our basket of fragrant goodies, which is:

  • Massage candles worth £12.50
  • Shoyeido white Cloud Incense worth £13.75
  • Baieido Wild flowers worth £9.97
  • Handcrafted incense holder worth £7.00
  • Naturally scented soy wax candle worth £12.00

Prize worth over £50.00

Simply name the two brand of Japanese incense we have on our online store at and go to our competition page or just click on the above image to go to the page.

We will put all answers in a hat and pull out the winner.


All answers must be sent by Friday November 14th and the winner will be notified by Tuesday 18th November.

Good Luck

Mike & Nikki


Beautiful Buddhist Jizo Sculpture

Just had commissioned our beautiful Jizo statue which we were meant to sell but I think me and Mike love him so much we may have to keep him. I thought I would post up a picture of him, he is not quite ready yet but thought we would share. The sculptor  and sculptress who are making Jizo said they really enjoy making him although he has caused some interesting challenges. I think the joy of making him radiates from him and makes me smile just looking at him.



 The much beloved Jizo Bodhisattva is a bodhisattva, an “enlightenment being,” is one who has decided to turn back from  nirvana to work in the world of human suffering. The name Jizo means “earth treasury” or “earth womb.” Jizo is the guardian of all things that emerge from the earth, and the protector of those on physical or spiritual journeys. Jizo became the especial guardian of women and children.

Eight ways to use incense



Kick your shoes off , curl up on the sofa and have a mug of tea with some of your favorite incense and have a moment of relaxation to your self .


  1. Connect with our senses.

 Attune to your incense by not only be aware of the scent but notice what you feel when you sense it. Notice what sensations there are in the body and what thoughts come through in the mind, Try not to label the experience by observing what is happening and not by judging the experience.

  1. To enhance spiritual practice.

Incense has a long tradition with spiritual practices. Whether that be a personal spiritual journey and practice or part of a religious practice and faith, incense has many uses to enhance. For some it is a way of developing greater mindfulness for others it is part of the ritual to their faith, there are so many different ways incense is used. It’s been said by some incense connects the heavens with the earth. Just as the concept of spirituality can be a shared experience it also is personal one, which mirrors the experience of use of incense it can be shared at the same time as being a purely personal one.Candle Flame


  1. To cleanse the home.

Feel your home has got a bit stagnant and the energy levels are low? Give your home  a good clean and tidy, making sure you have got rid of things you no longer want or need. Choose a sandalwood, sage or agarwood based incense or one of your favorite incense to bless each room and intend the home be a place health ,harmony, love and balance.  

  1. Welcome guest into your home.

Have fun , choose an incense which you feel matches your guests burn it in the entrance of your home to welcome them in. If like ask them if the incense scent is one they would choose, you may be surprised with the results. 


  1. To create a mood. 

Whether you want to create a sensual seductive mood or a uplifting and invigorating feel, incense will  help you to influence the mood through the beautiful fragrance it omits. 


  1. Heighten and colour awareness.

Just as colour brings vibrancy to the world so does our sense of smell. The more attuned you become to incense you will also become more attuned to the world of scent. The more focus you pay to the incense you burn (as long as it is a good quality incense) the more sensitive it appears your sense of smell becomes. The world becomes a more colourful place when we become attuned to our sense of smell.




8. Create your own sanctuary.

Make yourself a warm bubble bath, light some candles, treat yourself to your favourite incense and have a beautiful body oil to massage into skin after your bath. Give yourself the pampering you deserve and be transported to your own sanctuary of bliss.


The Smoky Exchange

Great pic

Hahnman's Corner

murmurinsense The Murmuring Incense

This aromatic smoke dancing in the air inside almost any Buddhist temple is supposed to be offerings to the deities in exchange for their blessings.  In that sense, such places should be counted as exchange markets too, should they not? Sorry, baloney again! :-p

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Incense,Plum Blossom and Connection



I breathe the cool incense smoke from the metal brazier,

While thinking about a poem from my dear friend Lu Wa.

My sandalwood-hearted companion spits out plum blossoms of smoke, 

Looking like the cloudy fog of the other world.

Perhaps it’s the soul of my friend the old mountain man

In the smoke’s dense patterns? 

– Kan Po, in memoriam (undated)


The calm before the #glamping and #camping storm

Great place, it really is a must visit.

Botany Camping

We have been busy with international campers and glampers, it’s a bit like the World Cup! So far Brazil, USA, Germany, Scotland, Wales and Birmingham (England lol) have visited. We welcome Holland and Korea in the next couple of weeks. Then who knows? Mars?

One keen cyclist came from Ireland en route home to Germany! I was totally impressed…….

Our 2 new showers are finally finished with mirrors, sinks, hot water and stylish showers. The campers seem

We are busy enough to need to buy a new 5m rainbow bell tent, so we will have 6 coloured bell tents and enough kit to glampize 5 of them.

Summer holidays start next week, so it’s time to prepare for the busy times ahead……….

If you book 4 nights glamping or bell tent hire to arrive before 25th June only pay for 3 –

Call 07713 404244

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Kodo-Listening to the incense


Kōdō ( “Way of Incense”) is the Japanese art of appreciating incense, and involves using incense within a structure of ritual. Kōdō is much  like the tea ceremony, is valued as high art — to activities such the incense-comparing games kumikō and shirakawa-koh . Kōdō is counted as one of the three classical Japanese arts of refinement (kadō, or ikebana for flower arrangement, kōdō for incense, and chadō for tea and the tea ceremony), but it is relatively unknown among modern Japanese people.

In this video is the famous Yamada Matsu Incense boutique in Kyoto. Please visit their official website at

Video courtesy by ShiniseMallChannel.


Tobacco Factory Market and Japanese Incense

Tobacco Factory Market and Japanese Incense.

We visit the Tobacco factory in Bristol twice a month and we find it has great stall holders and lovely supportive customers who some more seem as friends.

The market has around 40 food & craft stalls and has thriving community market every Sunday features a fabulous range of local produce, prepared, harvested, cooked, baked, designed and made in the area. The market has a strong emphasis on ethical, eco-friendly, fair trade, organic and local products, and you can meet the producers, chat with them and ask questions.

Not only does the market promote local shopping, it is also a great place to meet up with friends and family in a community meeting place.

We have had some great feedback down the Tobacco factory market about Japanese Incense. One of our new customers was telling us how they feel they are converted from Indian incense to Japanese incense. Other customers comment on the quality and beauty of the fragrance Japanese incense offers.

We find our customer are a mix of people who like to know more about Japanese incense and it’s traditions and those who are already knowledgeable.

Two of  customers  who I always enjoy catching up with as we swap ideas on how and where to burn incense. They informed me how they play and experiment by burning two varieties at once and have developed their own incense games.

Our current top five best sellers of Japanese incense at the market are:

  1. ​Shoyeido Autumn Leaves
  2. Baieido Kokonoe
  3. Shoyeido Eternal Treasure
  4. Baieido Tokusen (excellent) Kobunboku
  5. Shoyeido Cherry Blossom