Baieido / Kobunboku, Tokusen Kobunboku, Kaden Kobunboku, Bikou Kobunboku, Bikou Kobunboku Smokeless, Byakudan Kobunboku

Great post for anyone wanting to know more about Baieido incense

Olfactory Rescue Service

If you consider both affordability and quality in your incense purchasing, there may be no better series in the US market than Baieido’s Kobunboku line. From top to bottom it’s a virtual triumph of incense crafting, particularly when you consider that none of these use any overt perfumes or oils in them. The Kobunboku line has perhaps one of the longest incense learning curves available, which to some extent makes reviewing them problematic. If you come back and ask me in a year what I think of them, I’d probably be even more positive as with every stick I notice more and more subtleties and unique qualities. These are not incenses for stuffy noses and short attention spans, they reveal themselves more in introspective mode and as such are perfect fits for meditation, and are categorized both as incenses that are traditional and used for meditation.

Kobunboku means “plum blossom”…

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